What to Do When you need a Quick House Sale

Selling your home doesn’t need to be stressful, drawn out or expensive, when you use a home buying company you can get a quick house sale for a fair price without any of the hassle. Here’s how:

Finding a Cash Home Buying Company

As with any industry, there’s always one or two bad apples, but that doesn’t mean the whole barrel is rotten! To find a reputable home buying company there are several things you can do. The easiest place to start is Google. You’ll find regional and national cash buyers and it’s entirely up to you as to which you choose, but as a general rule of thumb national companies are likely to make slightly higher offers.

To ensure a company is legitimate look for their registered company number on their website. You can then look them up on the Companies House website to make sure they’ve been registered.

If you can’t see the number then call the company directly and ask them to give it to you. If they’re evasive or don’t seem to know what you’re talking about then alarm bells should start ringing.

Make sure that the company you choose is easy to contact both by phone and by email. Very few house buying companies will conduct business purely over the internet so if you can’t talk to someone face to face or on the phone then don’t use the company.

Lastly, a good firm will make their processes very clear and explain to you in terms you understand what you’ll get for your house, how long it will take and what’s expected of you. A high-quality firm won’t expect you to do much more than allow someone to value your house. You should not be expected to pay solicitors fees or to pay a fee to the company on completion.

The Benefits of Cash Buyers

The main benefit of a cash buy is speed. Whilst traditional sales can take anywhere between two and eighteen months, a cash buy could be complete in just one week. This makes it an extremely advantageous option for people who need a quick sale, for example if you’ve got a job in a new area, if you’re splitting with your partner or if you’re being threatened with repossession.

So don’t dismiss cash buyers out of hand. Do a little research, trust your own instincts and find out what the benefits of a cash buy could be before you dismiss it out of hand. For more information on cash home buyers visit this website or give them a call for free and friendly advice.

UK Quick House Sale Companies

Lately we have been looking at ‘quick house sale’ firms in the UK and wanted to shed some light on the subject, and how they differ from a general estate agent type sale. For starters and fast property buying company that you deal with, whether it’s a small firm or a large national home buying firm like top cash offer, you need to make sure you are getting a fair deal.

There are a few measures you can take in order to protect yourself and make sure you get a fast property sale and a fair price at the same time.

Make sure you get something in writing - we always advice this, and it’s crucial that you do so. Companies will tell you anything over the phone, and you don’t want to be left in a position where you are debating the selling price after weeks of negotiations and legals. This is something that needs ironing out at the start. Ideally you want to get a firm offer in place, and you need guarantees that this price will not change on the day of completion (a common tactic by some quick property buying firms).

Agree the sale date – don’t forget to get a quick sale firm to give you the exact date they will complete on the sale of your home. Obviously this can’t be set in stone, but if they give you a date which is 7 – 10 days after your valuation this is very realistic and something they should be able to stick to. If they can’t give a definitive date, or they hesitate – the chances are they are not an actual cash buyer and it may be time to look for a different firm to deal with.

Get some advice – there are many websites funded and non-funded that will give you free advice on the sale of your home, and in particular give you advice about fast house sale companies. This is a good site to check out for such info https://www.moneyadviceservice.org.uk/en/articles/quick-house-sales

We advice that you only use quick sale firms when necessary and that you speak with an estate agent before deciding to use a fast house sale company.

Selling Your House Quickly UK

The prospect of selling your home could be daunting – all the more so if you’re looking for another property to buy at the exact same time. Here’s our step by step guide:-

1. If you sell whatsoever?

If you’re thinking about selling because more space is needed by you, have you ever instead considered building an extension, converting the attic, or digging out the cellar? The expenses of proceeding are great (particularly) that it may spend less to enlarge your existing residence
Have you ever thought about how your decision to market might affect? You might be unable to afford a place considerably larger than the one you are already in, if costs are climbing rapidly
Are you in negative equity? If so, can you manage to offer?
Depending upon your circumstances, you might be better off renting out your house rather than selling. See Should I rent my home out or sell it?

2. Find out your finances

You must notify your mortgage lender that you are planning to offer your home
You have to find out how huge your outstanding mortgage is, and whether there are any early redemption fees
You should get a rough idea of how much your house is worth, then you can compute the amount of money you are going to be left with after you’ve got paid the mortgage off
If you’re also buying a new house, you need to clearly consider what size mortgage you will require for that. You need to get an idea from mortgage lenders how much they will be happy to provide you
At the early periods, the amounts will be approximate only – you do not know how much you’ll sell your house for, and you will simply get an exact redemption amount for your mortgage once you have an established conclusion date when you’ve exchange contracts (see below)

3. Decide in the event you’ll rent for a bit or in case you should also look for somewhere to buy

Leasing for a while can add to the general expense, but reduces the critical time pressures of buying a brand new house
You won’t need to sell at a cost that is low because you have located the house of your dreams
You won’t be hurried into purchasing a less-than-perfect new home because you’ve discovered a buyer for the current house
You’ll break out of the housing chain and that means you are going to be a more attractive buyer. See How do I break the home chain?
See Should I sell my house before I buy a new one?


It is possible to sell your home yourself, utilize a conventional estate agent, or an estate agent that is online
You may have to do some research into which one to choose if you use an estate agent. See How can I pick an estate agent?
You’ll also must decide whether to use multiple agents, or a sole broker. See just how many estate agents should I use?
You will have to agree a fee together with the estate agent: objective plus VAT for sole agent.
More recently, online estate agents have grown to be more popular – To understand whether this option suits you, See Should I take advantage of an estate agent that is online? And also to understand how services and different online broker rates compare, view A comparison of internet estate agents: which one should I take advantage of?
If you have time and therefore are organized, patient, and willing to work hard, then axing the estate agent and selling your home yourself can save you cash. See Should I sell my house myself?


Certainly one of the very agonising decisions when selling your home is what cost to set it on for
Get to know and do your research the neighbourhood market inside out
Get a great number of estate agents but don’t necessarily go for the highest
Remember that buyers will probably try to negotiate a discount, so add to what you are prepared to take
Bear in mind the stamp duty thresholds.
See our guide What price can I sell my house for?

6. Prepared your house

If you “stage” your dwelling, well you’re not only more inclined to market your house quicker, but you may make it even more precious too
Tidy up, and remove excess litter; give it a fresh lick of light coloured paint; fix those small snagging things; keep it clean
Light a fire; bake bread; put up a mirror; get cleared of bad odours
Check out our Top Suggestions: Making your house more saleable – and precious


You should select a solicitor or conveyancer to handle the legal work to transfer ownership of the property
To ensure as possible, you should decide which one you want to work with before you agree the selling of your home – but you could clearly only instruct the solicitor or conveyancer after an offer has been agreed by you
Do not necessarily go with a company proposed by the estate agent
It is possible to remain traditional and select an area solicitor, or go for the cheaper choice of online conveyancing. See How do myself find a solicitor or conveyancer?
You might also use our conveyancing service, with discounts for members.
If you’re also buying a new house, it’s a great deal easier and more affordable to utilize the same conveyancer or solicitor to do both trades

8. Fill out the questionnaires that are applicable

You may possess various questionnaires and forms to complete, to give the buyer all the information on the property, and regarding the sale. See Conveyancy made simple for sellers

9. Accept an offer

If you’re unhappy with it, you can either reject it wait to determine if a better offer comes along, or tell the estate agent to try and negociate it upwards
You need to officially accept an offer, once you are joyful with it. You need to then instruct the estate agent to take the property off the market
Remember that accepting an offer is not legally binding, and you can legally change your mind or accept a higher offer later (gazumping) – but remember, this can be pretty distressing to the buyer


The buyer and also you must determine:
The length of time and completion (normally 7-28 days following the exchange)
any discounts due to problems flagged up from the survey


When contracts are exchanged by you with all the buyer you become officially committed to selling the property – and they’re legally committed to buying it from you
If you pull out after this without due reason, the buyer’s down payment will likely be returned to them and you might be sued
For to discover about the information on the procedure and more information read our guide on How do I exchange contracts?


You are able to move out whenever you like, even up before the day of completion (although clearly, you need somewhere to go to)
If that is not impossible it’s not as stressful to move out ahead
At the period of finish, the property must be in the condition agreed in the contract – including all the fixtures and fittings
Estate agent and the buyer may come round between your and end to ensure everything is in place


A little it takes place on a formerly agreed date and generally at midday
On the day of completion, the amount of money is transferred and the property’s titles are transferred between each side’s solicitor or conveyancer
Your solicitor/conveyancer will register the transfer of ownership with all the Property Registry

14. Pay off the mortgage

The mortgage company may have given an accurate redemption amount on your mortgage to your conveyancer/solicitor and you for the day of conclusion
Your solicitor or conveyancer will pay off the mortgage for you now the buyer has transferred the cash to them

15. Settle up using the solicitor estate agent and /conveyancer

After end, your solicitor/conveyancer will send you an account, covering all their costs and disbursements, together with the selling price of redemption and the house of the mortgage
If you are currently buying and selling at exactly the same time, the solicitor/conveyancer can settle up for both transactions in once, including paying stamp duty for the house you are purchasing
Your solicitor/conveyancer will make certain that the change of ownership is registered with all the land registry

There is occasionally a little disparity, and you also might even get a little refund.